In the Horizon

Sakumon Tumblers in Horizon diffuse the hues of the sparkling red shiso.

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True beauty comes from the human hand.

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Our Story

Chanoyu Stories is authentic Japanese artisanal objects and way of life. “Chanoyu” means "the way of tea”. Through the philosophy of the Tea Ceremony, which is the cornerstone of all Japanese art and culture, Chanoyu Stories touches the ideas of transience, imperfection and one’s connection with the heights of nature that surrounds them.

The incredible know-how of master artisans, often family run ceramic and glass ateliers, has been passed down several generations. Often in hidden, discreet locations in Japan, the artisan studios are part of a subculture of brilliant craftsmen.

  • About Yutaro Kijima

    Inspired by his father's influence as a child, Yutaro Kijima's glassworks take on surreal forms that create a balance in the hand.

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  • About Masahiro Wadayama

    Surrounded by nature in Wakayama, Masahiro Wadayama's vividly colored pieces evoke poetic contradictions.

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