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Masahiro Wadayama

Tezukune Chawan Matcha Bowl 5”

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Hand sculpted, exquisite unglazed Tea Ceremony matcha bowl, by Masahiro Wadayama using porcelain from Saga, Japan. 

A textural, earth-like appearance with a slight oval opening, the striking piece has subtle variations of colors and texture.  An exquisite collectible for Tea Ceremony enthusiasts.


Unglazed porcelain takes on a beautiful aesthetic as you use the vessel over time. We recommend running the Chawan under water before every use to prevent the porcelain walls from absorbing smells of the liquid poured inside.


If you use with dark colored liquids, the color may leave a mark, however the beauty in the vessel is how the mark changes subtly over time with each use.

The more you use the vessel, the more the refined beauty shows. 


Made in Wakayama

Signed by the artist




Dimensions: H 4.3" (11cm), W 5.1" (13cm), D4.3" (11 cm)

Weight: 10.2oz (290g)

Material: Porcelain, Glass

Worldwide Shipping 



Care guide to preserve its beauty and longevity: 
  • For uncoated porcelain, we recommend to run under water before each use to prevent smells of the liquids to absorb into the walls of the vessel.
  • This uncoated vessel is made to look more refined with each use.
  • Hand wash with cold or warm water and wipe off moisture from the surface before use each time to avoid stains.
  • After use, rinse with clean water and dry well before storing.
  • We do not recommend washing with a dishwasher as it may cause dishes to collide, chip or crack.
  • Do not use item in microwave or oven.