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Noritaka Sekiguchi

Hishigata Grey Plate 5.9"

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A diamond motif, "hishigata" is said to be a lucky motif in ancient Japanese culture. The rustic grey tones contrast the precise edge of the rim. Glazed with Japanese pine ash.


Made in Shiwa-cho, Iwate.




Dimensions: H 1.4" (3.5cm), D 5.9" (15cm)

Weight: 8.3oz (235g)

Material: Ceramic

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Care guide to preserve the vessel's beauty and longevity: 
  • Hand wash with cold or warm water and wipe off moisture from the surface before use each time to avoid stains.
  • After use, rinse with clean water and dry well before storing.
  • We do not recommend washing with a dishwasher as it may cause dishes to collide, chip or crack.