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Yoji Sugiyama

Fluted Drinking Glass

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This drinking glass has a solid glass base and a wine-glass like opening shape to hold liquids. Handmade fluted ridges make this cup alluring in it's form. 



Made in Ibaraki with semi crystal glass.

Signed by the artist.


Price is for each piece.

Worldwide Shipping.




Dimensions: H 3.7" (9.5 cm), D 2.9" (7.5cm)

Weight: 16.5oz (469g)

Material: Semi Crystal Glass

Each piece will have slight variations in weight and size as the pieces are hand made.




Care guide to preserve its beauty: 
  • Hand wash with warm soapy water and dry with a lint free cloth.
  • Extreme temperatures can crack or break the crystal, please avoid sudden changes to the vessel’s temperature, such as pouring hot liquids into cold crystal glass or ice cold liquids into a heated glass.
  • Do not use in microwave or oven.