How to Warm Sake in a Tokkuri

Masahiro Wadayama's Tokkuri Sake Bottles are a sight to behold. The poetic streaks of colored glaze adorn the vessels as one pours hot sake for loved ones and guests. A beautiful gesture when enjoying company.




Here are instructions on how to safely warm sake using these beautiful vessels.

  • Fill the tokkuri with your favorite sake
  • Submerge the tokkuri in a tall pot of water to measure where to fill until so that the water level covers most of the tokkuri, then remove from the pot
  • Heat the water in the pot to a boil
  • At boiling point, remove the pot from the stove and submerge the tokkuri in the hot water so that it is gently heated by the hot water
  • Leave in for approx 90 seconds for lightly warm sake, 2 mins for warmer sake and 2.5 mins for hot sake. Small bubbles should start forming at the top of the sake when it is heated.
  • To clean after use, soak the bottle in warm soapy water and scrub gently with a bottle brush, rinse and dry completely before storing.


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